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Doing It Together Science has come to an end

The Doing It Together Science (DITOs) project was originally conceived in early 2014, and started in May 2016. Within 3 years, DITOs carried out over 860 events and reached over 500,000 across Europe. The purpose of the project was to enhance the awareness of citizen science and DIY science at both public and policy level. This was done through a whole range of events - from a screening of science documentary followed by a discussion to hands-on experience with molecular biology, and to a travelling “Science Bus”, which stopped in 17 locations across Europe.

The project has achieved a lot: it supported ECSA in its critical early years, providing funding and personnel that have helped in setting the practices and processes of the organisation; its funding helped with the second ECSA conference in 2018 (Geneva) and numerous events that engaged ECSA’s members and working groups; it helped to raise the profile of the organisation in international meetings, including covering travel costs to the UN Environmental Assembly in Nairobi in 2019, or the Citizen Science Association conferences in 2017, 2018 and 2019. The project also provided an example of how a Natural History Museum (RBINS) can integrate citizen science into their activities, with an ongoing transformation that is now part of the practices of the organisation.

You can find a more complete collection of DITOs documents and results in the Doing it Together science Community on Zenodo.

DITOs involved 11 partners: ECSA, Tekiu, eutema, UCL (coordinator), Universite Paris Descartes CRI, University of Geneva, Kersnikova, Medialab-Prado, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Meritum Association and Waag.

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