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Policy Brief on Citizen Science and Open Science is out!

We’re happy to launch our new DITOs Policy Brief on Citizen Science and Open Science!

Messages in a nutshell:

Citizen Science (CS) and Open Science (OS) are among the most discussed topics in current research and innovation policy, and are becoming increasingly related. This policy brief aims at informing decision makers who have adopted Citizen Science or Open Science on the synergies between these approaches and the benefits of considering them together.

The policy brief highlights how Citizen Science and Open Science together can address grand challenges, respond to diminishing societal trust in science, contribute to the creation of common goods and shared resources, and facilitate knowledge transfer between science and society to stimulate innovation. The issues of openness, inclusion and empowerment, education and training, funding, infrastructures and reward systems are discussed regarding critical challenges for both approaches. The document concludes by recommending to consider Citizen Science and Open Science jointly, to strengthen synergies by building on existing initiatives, launching targeted actions regarding education and training, and infrastructures.

The argument is developed based on existing initiatives in Europe who link characteristics from both CS and OS. Four case studies are included in the Policy Brief – more can be found in a case study collection on the ECSA website - if your project fits in here, please get in touch!

This policy brief was developed with contributions from a mixed group of experts from both fields who came together in the ECSA Working Group on Citizen Science and Open Science. In the framework of DITOs we organized a series of workshops to develop this policy brief as well as have related events, and will now work on the next steps.

Thanks for letting us know if you find the policy brief useful and in which contexts you are refering to it!