Citizen Science and Open Science – Synergies and Instruments

Citizen Science and Open Science share some targets with regard to openness and transparency, but employ different communities, have different histories and divergent priorities. In this workshop we would like to explore where the key synergies between Citizen Science and Open Science are, and what potential barriers would have to overcome. In addition we would like to reflect which instruments of H2020 have been most helpful to support the idea to use citizen science for a closer link between science and society and support the three O strategy of the EU.
In this meeting, different communities are invited, especially the Open Science Working Group of the European Citizen Science Association ECSA, Members of the European Parliament as well as the Citizen Science Working Group within the advisory board of the EC, OSPP (Open Science Policy Panel).

The workshop is organised by the COST Action "CA15212: to promote creativity, scientific literacy, and innovation throughout Europe" in cooperation with DITOs.